When Should You Use Your Cryovac Machine?

 When Should You Use Your Cryovac Machine?

Cryovac machines and many other similar vacuum sealers are originally intended for preserving vegetable items. They also work great when it comes to sous vide sessions. A ziplock-style bags can be broken down by long hours of cooking or higher temperatures. However, subjecting your vacuum-sealed bag to the same won’t get it affected.  

Vacuum sealing will work great also when it comes to prepping your meals, either for your upcoming party for the other day or for your food for the entire week. Let us say, for instance, that you are planning to make chicken legs sous vide. And then eventually have them end up in your grill for a BBQ party. Sous vide your chicken legs, and then afterward bung them to your fridge until such time that they need to be put on a hot grill.  

You can take advantage of your vacuum sealer when cooking sous vide meals for yourself or for your family. The moment that you had your hand on a vacuum sealer, you will get your groove going and will identify as well what you really like to vacuum seal and what food items you don’t want to use it on.  

When Should You Skip Using Your Cryovac Machine?

Whenever you are going to cook something fast, you may skip the use of your vacuum sealer. Like for instance, do you need to cook some eggs, then no need to have them vacuum sealed?  If you are not aware yet, eggs have built-in little containers.

Another instance you should not bother using a vacuum seal is when you are going to eat tender cuts right away. There is no need to vacuum seal them.

If your food item seems to be too delicate then there is no need also to vacuum seal them. This applies to many cuts of fish. Otherwise,  you will just squish them inside the bag. Some meals may need a little air, and you will also skip in vacuum sealing them, there really is no need for that. For example, you don’t need to vacuum seal a burger. Doing so still would run the risk of them having a ham texture as opposed to having instead a juicy patty of beef. It is not an appetizing meal to have.   

Should You Get a Cryovac Machine or Other Kind of Vacuum Sealer for Food?

This is one of those questions that can easily launch a heated debate. Before anything else, you need to be aware that vacuum sealers come in two different types: there is a chamber vacuum sealer and an external vacuum sealer.

Chamber vacuum sealers are usually space consuming device because they can come quite large. Aside from that, they are relatively expensive, too. However, the price usually just serves it right because it usually does a great job in vacuum sealing food in most airtight plastic container or packaging.

They are usually equipped with an intensely powerful vacuum pump and their large chamber makes it possible to quickly seal several bags of food, simultaneously. For this reason, they are used ideally in restaurants and other similar establishments.

For normal home cooking, if you consider yourself as adventurous enough that you are interested in having your very own vacuum sealer, an external sealer type would be highly recommended for this purpose.

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