What Materials should You Keep in Flammable Storage Cabinets?

What Materials should You Keep in Flammable Storage Cabinets?

Materials that are easily ignited like liquids, solids, and gases should be properly stored. In this case, flammable storage cabinets are a must in order to protect both the workers and workspace. At the same time, the right flame-resistant material needs to match the specific kind of substance that should be stored inside. Below are some of the most common kinds of flammable items.


Flammable liquids automatically ignite as soon as it reaches a specific temperature. This makes it a wise choice to keep such type of liquids in an environment with a temperature of lower than 37. 8° C. In case the liquid is left at a higher temperature, the material could release a vapor which could lead to burning. The liquids include paint thinners, petrol, paints, alcohols, etc.


There are so many solids that are considered to be highly dangerous. For example, picrate salt is a kind of flammable solid and are commonly found in dye manufacturing and laboratories, and use to make explosives. Just a small amount of friction, heat, or shock can make it react. At the same time, cellulose nitrate catches fire easily and is often a choice for old films and photographic negatives.


Flammable gases are likely to burn when they are combined with air or any similar oxidant and when they get in contact with a source of ignition. This substance could be very hazardous even when locked in a cabinet. Even a small amount of gas that escapes could lead to explosions or fire. Some of the most common flammable gases are hydrogen sulfide, methane, propane, acetylene, and carbon monoxide.

Explosive Chemicals

These are the chemicals that have the tendency to explode as a result of heat, friction, or shock. They can even be touch sensitive that could activate even when stored in a storage container. Also, there is a higher risk for older chemical stocks which could begin to degrade through time. In this case, having the right chemical storage cabinet is a must.

Oxidizing chemicals

Some types of chemicals can evolve oxygen even when at room temperature or with slight heating. This oxygen build-up could lead to fire and cause damage to the surrounding. In order to minimize the risk of having accidents with oxidizing chemicals, make sure to have flammable storage cabinets in place.

Also, avoid storing chemicals together as mixing them can be very dangerous. So, be sure to have a separate space for each type. Some of the most common oxidizing chemicals are hydrogen peroxide, concentrated Nitric acid, and bleach.

Having a storage cabinet alone is not enough if you do not know the right things or chemicals to store in it. To ensure safety, use the right kind of storage for a specific type of chemical.

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