Air Compressor Repairs: Overview of the Steps

Each business or shop that makes use of an air compressor is aware that it is very important to have it maintained for it to provide maximum efficiency. Having it regularly checked will save you from any mechanical problems and of course, you can save a lot on the expensive cost of air compressor repairs.

If you are working on a certain project and your air compressor stalls, this can put a halt to the activities. Among the main causes of a stalling air compressor is a defective unloader valve. If you have finally determined that your current air compressor needs a new unloader valve, you can easily replace this part by a company that offers repair services. Look for a store that specializes in air compressor parts and they can help you diagnose or repair the issue. If you are wondering of the things that you can expect from the service, here is a quick look at the steps of the repair.


Locating the Air Compressor Unloader Valve

The first step in air compressor repairs is to look for the air compressor valve. In most cases, the part can be located under the pressure switch. As soon as you have located such part, you would be able to determine the type of unloader valve that can be used for the replacement.


Unplugging and Draining the Air Compressor

After locating the faulty valve and ordering a replacement part, what you need to do next is do the repair procedure. Since it is important to work on the air compressor, you need to completely turn off the machine before you start working. Then, you can release its drain valve. This one can be found underneath the compression tank. As soon as the drain valve is released, the air compressor will be depressurized. This will allow you to do the repairs.


Disconnecting and Replacing the Part

When the air compressor has been depressurized and turned off, you can be ready to do the replacement process. In order to remove the old valve, you should disconnect all the wiring. Then, the new unloader valve could be installed. After installing it, you need to be sure that is secured in place. After completing the procedure, you can begin testing out your new unloader valve by turning the compressor back on.

Failing to maintain the air compressor will lead to inefficiency in the machine, lower quality in production, and even production contamination. If the equipment output is off by PSI, this would cost a lot of money. At the same time, the energy cost will surge up and this can cripple the business. An effective maintenance plan is often performed on either a daily or weekly basis. Be sure that you don’t throw away the instruction manual. You should follow it meticulously in order to ensure that you are handling things properly. If you are not sure how to clean and maintain the equipment, seek professional help.


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Plasmacam: What to Know before Buying Your Own Cutting System?

More shops today are realizing the importance of having a plasmacam in their shops. Also, a computer-controlled robotic arm serves as a guide to the plasma torch over the work surface in order to create a complex and intricate cutting pattern. However, it can be challenging to buy a good quality CNC machine. There are a few questions and things that you need to consider that will help make the buying decision a lot easier. Careful research can help you and your company save time and money.

Quality of the Machine


This is the very first thing to consider. You need to be certain that you are getting a high-quality machine. The machine can be a bit expensive, so you need to do your homework and be sure that you are getting the best quality with your budget.




Make sure that you check the quality of materials that are used in the construction of the frame. For example, is it aluminum or steel, or something else? Compared to aluminum, steel is stronger, thus steel machines are lighter and need less material but may have the presence of flimsiness. On the other hand, aluminum is bulkier but possess the appearance of strength.




The quality of the table design should also be checked. There are several factors that can have an impact on the performance of the table and eve the slightest variation can change the performance. For instance, if the gantry is very heavy, it can make the torch to be difficult to control with accuracy and high speed. On the other hand, a lightweight one could produce great results at high speed.




What kind of motor controls the torch? A servo motor is one of the most widely recognized type. It can move to different positions as long as it is within its own range of motion. At the same time, it provides feedback to the controller, informing the controller where it should be at a given time. A stepper motor has a fixed number of positions that it can move to and has no feedback to the controller. This is the reason why there are times that the controller would tell the stepper motor to move to a specific number of steps, but there is no way for the controller to know if the requested movement really occurred.




The software that is runs and designs the equipment is the most significant component of the plasmacam and the table setup. The software is expected to perform two different functions. One is to design the piece that needs to be cut and another one is to control the plasma cutter and table. Although a software such as AutoCAD is best for creating high-quality designs for various applications, be careful as you are not making use of a sledgehammer to swat flies.




A downdraft is a made up of skirts around the base of the table that encloses the entire area under the table and a fan that will suck the air down through the outdoors and table. This is a simple, yet effective system to eliminate dust and smoke. But in every installation, it needs to be custom figured. When you compare tables, make sure that you ask about the downdraft system.

By knowing all these things, you can rest assured that you will find a good cutting system that will deliver the expected results without exceeding the budget.


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Understanding Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a decorative covering that makes a wall surface appear like it is made of a different kind of material than it really is. It is used for both interior and exterior in construction projects.

Cladding is a non-structural material. Unlike plaster, render, and wallpaper, cladding is attached or fixed mechanically to a wall, rather than bonded to it. This means changing it doesn’t affect the stability of the building structure.


Why install cladding?

The main purpose of cladding is to enhance the appeal of the existing wall. Commercial cladding material covers the structural material of the wall to look as if it is the base material or the original wall structure.

Aside from enhancing the aesthetics of the structure with its wide variety of designs, colors, and materials, cladding also offers some sort of resistance and protection, and it increases the life span of the structural materials. The application of one material over the wall give an extra skin or layer of the building. In effect, cladding provides a level of thermal insulation as well as climate resistance.

As a result, cladding improves building appearance with a chic and modern look, easy to maintain, and can generate savings on utilities since it has thermal and insulation benefits. Cladding also have a high-performing and fire-resistant feature that can protect the exterior of the structure.


Cladding Systems in Melbourne

Cladding systems are applied to maintain the structure, frame and exterior walls of a building. Different cladding systems are used for different buildings, depending on the structure, the type of building, and the customer’s needs and preferences.

You’ll find many different types of cladding and cladding systems in Melbourne. It is a bit difficult to determine them and distinguish one from the other because one can use many different materials for cladding systems.

You can also install cladding using various methods. You can use rubber, silicone, brick or all sorts of metals such as zinc, stainless steel, bronze or copper for cladding. The installation method depends on the type of material being used for the construction.

The function of the cladding system is to protect the exterior and the frame of the building. It also protects the interior of the building. Besides the protection that a cladding system provides, it can also increase the property value of a building.

Cladding has become an interesting job for architects because of the different materials, patterns, and finishes you can choose. Today, architects can create all sorts of designs to come up with a contemporary and sleek look.


We’re here to help you!

We provide durability and versatility in our product to ensure longevity and minimum maintenance. Our cladding systems feature innovative wood-finish Knotwood cladding boards and powder-coated, aluminium, and two-part battens. Strong Ox cladding is weather-resistant and exceeds fire safety standards.

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How to Choose a Bunded Tank

Concerning their nature of operation, bunded tanks are a delicate product that requires careful handling. These tanks are carriers of hazardous substances, thus it requires precision and skill to handle them. What’s great about these tanks is the fact that they can be used to contain and transport fuels and other toxic substances in large quantities, by which normal containers cannot.

Being aware of how crucial the use of a bunded tank is, it should be of utmost important to carry out all the necessary care and precautions to ensure that all the safety standards are met. You’ll find many cases of leakages in normal fuel tanks. Just imagine what happens when the substance inside such tanks is exposed to fire or contaminate water supply systems and bodies of water nearby.

The degree of damage a toxic substance leakage can cause cannot be more emphasized, as we know the major and unimaginable levels of danger and disaster that can happen. Any leakage can be devastating and a lot of lives and assets will be at stake. Not only will it endanger the lives of many people and the environment, but it will also be a massive loss for the company. To avoid this horrific scenario, it is important that you learn and understand all those tanks on offer and purchase from a reputable firm.


What to look for in a bunded tank:

A bunded tank is designed for containing hazardous substances and prevent any possible leakage. Therefore, you should choose a bunded tank that could meet this standard. See to it that the tank is able to hold the contents and have the least chances of leaking due to cracks or punctures. Quality bunded tank means minimal to no cases of accidents taking place under such conditions.


Quality of the materials used

A good bunded tanks should have proper steel on top, which means it is a purely fortified type of steel that cannot be punctured easily. This means it is not the normal type of steel used in various other products metal products. Choose a bunded tank that is made of fortified stainless steel, as it is the ideal material to ensure the safety.


Quality of the bund

Moreover, make sure that the bund is full and not partial. In other words, do not choose a tank that is bunded up to a certain level only that the rest is left out such that it is exposed to the substance contained. This is common among the plastic ones and must be taken note of since the plastic ones can be punctured easily. The steel ones need proper bunding too, since they are also prone to being punctured. However, the chances for steel tanks being punctured are a bit low than those made of plastic.

This is not to say though that plastic bunded tanks are not good enough. It all comes down to your personal preferences and circumstances, and the type of substance you need to contain. Check out other features of the bunded tank to ensure safety. Just make sure that you choose the one with the best specifications.


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Mobile Drilling Rigs for Sale for All Types of Drilling Application

Drilling applications include oil drilling, building well water, mining, geothermal drilling, soil exploration or for any other type of mineral extraction. Every drilling application and technique requires a different type of drilling rig. However, there are mobile drilling rigs for sale that offer various applications to drill in different locations for different purposes on a small scale.

When people think of drilling, what comes to their mind is a huge and heavy equipment that is difficult/ to transport, and mostly stationary. But, thanks to technology, most things are more convenient today! You’ll find some compact drilling equipment available in the market that serves the purpose extremely well. Transport is easy and you can use them on smaller drilling projects.


Why buy mobile drilling rigs for sale?

These rigs are far more efficient to use. The best feature of this equipment is that they are mounted on a platform so you can transport it easily from one place to another. Mobile drilling rigs are available in many types, including hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic. You can mount them on vehicles and transport them to the drilling locations without causing any damage.

The convenience it offers is reason enough to buy it. Mount it on a truck, tractor, trailer or a rubber track, depending on the site, transport it, and get on with the workload. It just makes the job easier. These equipment can perform heavy drilling in any area. If you are looking at long-term drilling in wide spread areas and purposes, this is the kind of equipment you want to purchase.


Buying a drilling rig

You can buy the drilling rig you need as well as the mode of transport, either as one package or separately, according to what suits you best. Different companies offer several models of mobile drilling rigs that include specific features required for each type of drilling application.

You don’t have to always buy a brand new drilling rig if you are tight on the budget. Many pre-owned mobile drilling rigs for sale are also readily available. They work as good as new once they are refurbished. Nonetheless, make sure you check the equipment thoroughly before proceeding to make a purchase, as safety and efficiency are always a priority.



Drilling is a tough job even for the experts, but making sure you use the best and correct drilling equipment for the job can help you achieve the project successfully. You’ll find that this equipment is a worthwhile investment. Mobile drilling rigs are one of the most ideal go-to equipment you can use for the job. Online, you can find a number of sellers and dealers that offer mobile drilling rigs for sale.

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Scary Mysteries Twisted Twos: The Wych Elm and Black Dahlia Confessions

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two’s dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.

For this week, the story focuses on a bizzare story about a tree and the horrifying murder of the Black Dahlia and the confessions that came after. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted Two’s.

#1 The Wych Elm

It was 1943, when four boys from Hagley Wood, England came across a large Wych Elm tree at the Hagley Estate which was owned by Lord Cobham. One of the boys, Bob Farmer, decided to climb the large tree to check for birds’ nests. Once near the top, he looked down at the hollow trunk below him and saw a skull.

Initially, he thought it was animal bones, But when he pulled it out to get a closer look, there was no denying it was a human skull. Because they were trespassing the boys decided to place the skull back and keep the discovery a secret. However, the youngest of the four, Thomas Willetts, felt uneasy about what they found and decided to tell his parents, who then in turn informed police.

Authorities checked the tree trunk and found the skull but also discovered an almost complete skeleton intact. They also found a shoe, a wedding band, and clothing fragments. Some distance away from the Wych Elm tree were remnants of a severed hand, belonging to the victim.

When the remains were examined closer, it was determined they were from a female who died about 18 months prior. She was approximately 35 years old with light colored hair and stood at about 5 feet tall. They placed the time of death as somewhere around October of 1941 and determined she must have given birth in the past as well.

Further investigation also revealed that she had a piece of taffeta silk inside her mouth which suggests she might have been suffocated. They believe she was placed inside the hollow tree trunk shortly after being killed otherwise she wouldn’t have fit inside if rigor mortis had set in.

Despite the detailed investigation and description of the woman, no one had come forward to provide any clues as to her identity. There were also about 3,000 missing persons cases during that time but none of those matched up to this female. A nationwide search using the dental records also proved a blank.

For some time, people forgot about the woman from the tree as war raged on in the area. It wasn’t until Christmas of 1943 when the spotlight came back on the mysterious skeleton once again. It was around this time when the first graffiti was found in the town and it read, “Who put Luebella down the wych–elm – Hagley Wood.”


Since then, the skeleton was named and called Bella by the locals and the police. Investigators were stumped as to who wrote that graffiti. Could it be someone who knew the victim, a prank perhaps or maybe it was the actual killer? There was more graffiti that soon started to show up as well. The fact the graffiti writer added the name “Bella” to the skeleton was a bit confusing. Was this really the name of the female victim? Or was this purely a fictional name just to assign to the remains?

For years since, people have tried to figure out the identity of the mysterious woman and why she was killed. Several theories have been proposed one of which was that she was a Birmingham prostitute whose name was “Luebella.” Luebella had gone missing three years prior to when the body was found but no is for sure if this lady actually existed or not. Another theory was that she was a Dutch woman named, Clarabella Dronkers, who was involved in a Nazi spy ring and was likely executed because of the knowledge and information she held.

In 1945, a more controversial theory was given by anthropologist, Margaret Murray, purporting that “Bella” was killed because of witchcraft. The severed hand, according to her, was a prominent part of a gypsy ritualistic sacrifice called “Hand of Glory.” She believes her death might have been part of an occult ritual.

The case of the body in the Wych Elm still remains a mystery. Tales of “Bella” have become local lore and the subject of various murder mystery websites. But many still don’t know who or why Bella was killed and more importantly, stuck inside that tree.

#2 Black Dahlia Confessions

When the mutilated body of a young and beautiful aspiring actress was found in a vacant lot in Los Angeles, California; it was a crime mystery that would leave everyone asking, “Who killed her?”

Twenty-two-year-old, Massachusetts native, Elizabeth Short, moved to LA in hopes of becoming an actress. But On January 15, 1947, her body was found in a vacant lot close to Leimert Park. Her body severed in half around the waist and she had been left naked for everyone to see.

When the news broke, it became one of the most sensational stories to come out of the area. Police thoroughly investigated the crime but to no avail. While they had a list of suspects, no one was ever singled out and named as the killer after all these years.

Police were inclined to believe the killer did know her personally because of the nature of the wounds inflicted on her body. Such a vicious act shows that most likley there was anger and rage involved.

Elizabeth suffered a multiple blunt force trauma wounds to the head and a gash around her mouth- that ran from nearly ear to ear. Her severed torso was cut with surgical precision and she was posed for public display as if the killer wanted everyone to see all the wrongs she had done.

Backtracking to the days when she was last seen alive, police determined Short went to the Biltmore Hotel on January 9. She told a friend she was meeting her sister there. Her then-boyfriend saw her off and the staff of the hotel also saw her alive and well. However, this would be the last time she would be seen alive. For six days, no one knew where she had gone and who she was with, until her body was found on the 15th.

Because of the case’s notoriety, there wasn’t any lack of people who actually confessed to her murder. In fact Approximately 50 people came forward saying they murdered Elizabeth but Most of them were ruled out immediately.

Among the 50, included film bit player, Max Handler. Handler said he murdered Short but later recanted during a lie detector test, saying he only said so because he wanted to get away from people who were following him. An army vet, Daniel Voorhies, also claimed he killed her and went on to say he had an affair with her in L.A. The only problem was that the timeline was off. Short was only a teenager and living on the East Coast at the time of the supposed affair.

Finally, one of the more prominent false confessions of the case is that of Joseph DuMais. The Frenchman said he killed Short and the Herald-Express newspaper even placed it on the front-page news saying they found her killer.

Dumais is a war veteran who returned from his leave with bloody trousers and a pocket filled with newspaper clippings of Short’s murder. He claimed to have dated her but suffered a mental blackout, stating, “When I get drunk I get pretty rough with women.” Despite his 50-page confession, when the police checked out his story, the facts didn’t hold up and Dumais was sent to a psychiatrist instead.

Oddly, a woman named Minnie Sepulveda, also claimed to have killed Short. Although this was proven false, it made police think of the possibility the killer could have been female.

Although there were unusual confessions, police did have a few serious and strong leads as well – some from their investigation, others instigated by people who believe they knew the identity of the killer.

One such person is retired detective, Steve Hodel, who believes his father, Dr. George Hodel, was the Black Dahlia killer. His curiosity became sparked when Steve found pictures of an unknown woman in his father’s belongings that looked almost like Elizabeth Short. Moreover, when FBI took samples of the Hollywood doctor’s home in 2012, it tested positive for human decomposition. Steve also argued the handwritten notes sent in by the killer to the police were similar to his own father’s handwriting.

Curiously, the police had Dr. George Hodel’s name on the suspect list all along but stopped short of naming him as the actual killer.

Today The mystery of the Black Dahlia murder still continues on – 71 years and counting.


So there were a two of the strangest and scary stories around. The world can be a crazy place and Twisted Two’s is sure to show you why.

If you enjoyed this video then please remember to subscribe to our channel and support us on Patreon. We have 2 videos coming out every week that we know you’ll want to see. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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