Buying a Drill Pipe


Buying a Drill Pipe

The drill pipe is considered the main support of any drilling project. Thus, if you are looking for drilling rigs for sale in Australia, then consider also drill pipes carefully. This tool is not regarded as much as other drilling equipment, but it is undeniable that it contributes greatly to the success of any drilling project. However, choosing a bad one can also result to the project’s failure.

This drilling equipment may not have the major attention, but it is an expensive tool. You can shell out as much as $25,000 or more for a string of drill pipe, depending on the size. This is why it is imperative to choose the best, high quality drill pipe and maintaining it is necessary.

Things to Consider when Buying a Drill Pipe

Drill pipes have a range of types to choose, from integral forged pipe, which is the most common, the press type, and the fit type. You must take time to research about the product before purchasing a drill pipe, the same as you would when buying other products.

You must consider the power and the type of the rig to use, which is intended for the pipe. You will have problems and waste your money if you will buy a pipe that does not match with your rig in size. Choose the drill pipe that is strong enough for the rig and for the application.

It is also important to buy the correct grade of drill pipe. Low quality drilling pipes can result to fatigue resistance. In drilling, this is extremely critical because you’ll be pushing the drill pipe’s torque limits to the edge. Moreover, great cyclical forces are at work with horizontal drilling.

While many people opt for the cheapest product, this should not be the case when buying for drill pipes. Cheap items are not always great especially when it comes to a crucial equipment such as the drill pipe. Some contractors may still choose the lesser-priced drill pipes, but the quality is often compromised, and you don’t want that to happen to your drilling project. The quality and strength of the drill pipe is tested through time and tough conditions. If you insist on buying low cost pipes for your drilling project, expect that disaster can happen at any time.

More Tips

Drill pipes are very expensive, thus it is imperative to use and handle them with care. If you want to maximize or extend the service life of the pipe, then implement proper maintenance procedures for the tool. Simple maintenance efforts such as regular cleaning and rod inspection are a great help in keeping it in good shape and will help it last long. Another best practice to help maintain the pipe in good condition is to alternate the rods in the basket so that you will not be using the same rod all the time, driving it into the ground always.

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