Air Compressor Repairs: Overview of the Steps

Each business or shop that makes use of an air compressor is aware that it is very important to have it maintained for it to provide maximum efficiency. Having it regularly checked will save you from any mechanical problems and of course, you can save a lot on the expensive cost of air compressor repairs.

If you are working on a certain project and your air compressor stalls, this can put a halt to the activities. Among the main causes of a stalling air compressor is a defective unloader valve. If you have finally determined that your current air compressor needs a new unloader valve, you can easily replace this part by a company that offers repair services. Look for a store that specializes in air compressor parts and they can help you diagnose or repair the issue. If you are wondering of the things that you can expect from the service, here is a quick look at the steps of the repair.


Locating the Air Compressor Unloader Valve

The first step in air compressor repairs is to look for the air compressor valve. In most cases, the part can be located under the pressure switch. As soon as you have located such part, you would be able to determine the type of unloader valve that can be used for the replacement.


Unplugging and Draining the Air Compressor

After locating the faulty valve and ordering a replacement part, what you need to do next is do the repair procedure. Since it is important to work on the air compressor, you need to completely turn off the machine before you start working. Then, you can release its drain valve. This one can be found underneath the compression tank. As soon as the drain valve is released, the air compressor will be depressurized. This will allow you to do the repairs.


Disconnecting and Replacing the Part

When the air compressor has been depressurized and turned off, you can be ready to do the replacement process. In order to remove the old valve, you should disconnect all the wiring. Then, the new unloader valve could be installed. After installing it, you need to be sure that is secured in place. After completing the procedure, you can begin testing out your new unloader valve by turning the compressor back on.

Failing to maintain the air compressor will lead to inefficiency in the machine, lower quality in production, and even production contamination. If the equipment output is off by PSI, this would cost a lot of money. At the same time, the energy cost will surge up and this can cripple the business. An effective maintenance plan is often performed on either a daily or weekly basis. Be sure that you don’t throw away the instruction manual. You should follow it meticulously in order to ensure that you are handling things properly. If you are not sure how to clean and maintain the equipment, seek professional help.


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