3D Printing Brisbane: Tips for Beginners

In Brisbane, 3D printing is considered to be an amazing kind of technology where possibilities seem to be endless. If you are new in using such, you should be prepared to wrap your head around so many information.

But, just like all other things, the more that you use it, the better the printer becomes. This is very true if you are building a solid foundation of the practices that have been gleaned from the experiences of other people who have been involved in the technology for a much longer time. Below are some tips that will help you make the most out of your printer.


Man and Machine

Taking advantage of other people’s experiences when it comes to using the printer is always a good idea while you are still on the process of knowing it inside out. In most cases, the best results are achieved because the person knows how to use and adjust the printer. With this, they can get the best performance for the materials that they are using. The more that you become familiar with the printer and materials that you use, the more likely it will be for you to be successful in achieving your desired results.



You should acknowledge the fact that you are dealing with a new technology. Although the process was already invented and patented since the late 1980’s, it was only in the last few years that people had the urge to give it a try.

3D printing Brisbane involves the use of a printer that can be complex and complicated to use if you are new at it. This means that you need to be patient as you learn how to use it. Mistakes will be inevitable, but be sure that you learn from them until you master the process.


Get it Straight

Among the easiest ways to get rid of any potential problem before you begin a print job is to be sure that the printing axes are calibrated properly. The printer operates on three axes. The x axis moves left and right, the y axis moves backwards and forwards, and the z axis moves up and down. While all of them are needed for a successful job, proper calibration of the z axis makes the difference between defeat and victory.


High Quality Materials

A high-quality printing filament will be a great factor that can help you achieve the best results with minimal problems. Not every filament is created equal. There are those with impurities which may cause inconsistent melting which will then lead to extrusion while you print. A poor-quality filament is not manufactured to exacting tolerances. This means that in a single spool of filament, its diameter can vary. This variation could result in extrusion and clogging of the nozzle. By choosing high quality materials, you would be able to eliminate such problems and even increase the chances of smooth printing.

If you are a beginner is the field of 3D printing, considering the things above will be of great help so it will be easier for you learn all you need to know in using the technology.


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